5-club 2-counts with zaps

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Each passer reacts on an the incoming pass with "self, pass" (or rather "self, pass, flip")


Preliminary Exercises

  • One juggler only has one club and just throws the zaps to alternating hands whenever the other person is ready.

Dead Bunny

The half-synchronous version of this, in which the left hand of one juggler does a throw at the same time as the right hand of the other juggler:

  • both do straight passes
  • A has 3 clubs and B has 2 clubs
  • A starts with the right hand

Siteswap, longe form:

A (hand): R   L    R     L      
A  (2|1): 2p  3    2p    3

B (hand): 3   2p   3     2p     
B  (1|1): L   R    L     R     

Syntax explanation:

2p is a zap (a throw that arrives 2 beats later and is thrown as a pass)

3 is a self (a throw that arrives 3 beats later)

Sequence: zap, self

A and B start at the same time, A starts with the right hand throwing a zap, B starts with the left hand throwing a self.

  • Both throw straight zaps
  • Both throw diagonal zaps - then both start with the right hand and B throws zaps from the left hand

Killer Bunny

  • If one does straight passes, the other does diagonal passes, this is called Killer Bunny

Siteswap: 645

Sequence: self, zap, hold


Sequence: self, zap, flip

Animation and diagrams

Instead of waiting holding 2 clubs, you can do a single-turn flip with the hand that won't receive the pass from your partner.