5c why-not

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This pattern is one of the entry patterns to start passing patterns with heffs as part of the pattern.

A sidenote on the name: It has probably been named "5-club why-not" because it feels similar to the 6-club why-not and helps prepare for it. But it is not truly the 5-club why-not, as it doesn't fit the "transformation schema" used for 6-club why-not (single passes), 7-club why-not (double passes) and 8-club why-not (triple passes). So, the real 5-club why-not would be a pattern thrown with zaps and is more difficult than this pattern)

Patterns to do before this one

This is the entry pattern to heffs.



  • stable 3 club cascade
  • stable 441 alone
  • "practicing 4 clubs" - i.e. you are at at least trying to learn 4 clubs with doubles and are getting maybe 10-20 catches.


Prelimnary exercieses (thrown once as a trick in a different pattern):

  • throw 441 (heff, heff, zip) into a 4-count or 5-count pattern instead of 3 selfs
  • throw 42 (heff, flip) into a 3-count or 4-count pattern
  • in 5-count, 4-count or 3-count, steal the pattern by throwing repeated heffs like a solo 4 club pattern for 4-5 throws

Companion Pattern

5-club not-why - this is of similar difficulty. It's good to practice both patterns.


Siteswap: 86227

Animation and diagrams

Sequence: A starts and has straight passes, B has crossing passes.

A 1|2: P S Z H Z
B 1|1:  H Z P S Z




  • A) can practice the full sequence plus the pass from the begin of the next period before running out of clubs: PSZHZ…P
  • B) reacts on the incoming pass (which A can throw and then stop) and can also throw the full sequence plus another three throws: HZPSZ…HZP

--> Both can do a "dry run" of the first throws

  • both can also practice this start starting from the left hand

If both jugglers find the pattern hard, it can be useful to have one juggler do a simpler pattern so the other juggler does get good passes. One possibility is "74464" - in the simplest version, you wait for the incoming pass and then react with "self, pass". It is important to wait until you throw "self, pass" until the incoming pass forces you, else your pass arrives much too early for the other juggler.

Next Patterns

6-club why not

Compatible Patterns

5 club patterns without heffs:

  • 74464 (wait until pass comes, then react with "self, pass")
  • 72466 (pass, flip, self, zip, self)
  • 74662 (pass, self, zip, flip, self)

5 club patterns with heffs:

  • 84247
  • 84742
  • 86227
  • 86272
  • 86722

7 club patterns

  • 78686 - Popcorn(44)
  • 78884
  • 92888
  • 94688
  • 96686
  • 96884