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Animation and diagrams

Color-coding: the zap is magic: use a club of different color for the zap and that club will only do zaps in this pattern.

A begins and throws straight zaps, B throws diagonal zaps.

Exercise Before Simplified Pattern

B has two clubs, A has one differently-colored club - the zap.

A doesn't really juggle, just throws the zap to B so B can react on the incoming zap.

A throws the zap and B reacts with self,self,zap, returning the club to A.

A 1|0: zap, wait, wait 
B 1|1:    self,   self,    zap

Repeat for both jugglers (note that one juggler will need to throw crossing zaps, the other will need to throw straight zaps)

Continue on when you think both can handle the kind of zap they get from B.

Simplified Pattern

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A 2|1: zap,   hold,    hold,   self,   self
B 1|1:    self,   self,    zap,    hold,   hold

Full Pattern


A 2|1:  zap, 	self,    zip,    self,   self, 
B 1|1:    self,     self,     zap,    self,   zip,

You can combine those in any possible way… mostly do the sequence with holds and do a self-zip only when the pattern feels stable. Or one juggler does the pattern with self-zip and the other with holds.

If you want to make it more difficult, substitute the the holds with active flips

Siteswap: 56464

Animation and diagrams

A 2|1:  zap,     hold,    hold,   self,    self, 
B 1|1:      self,    self,    zap,    hold,    hold,

Extended Pattern with Heffs

Or, to make it yet more difficult, it is also possible to substitute the self,self after an incoming zap with heff,flip:

A 2|1:  zap,     self,     zip,     heff,    flip, 
B 1|1:      heff,     flip,     zap, 	self,     zip,

Additional Things to Do

  • As usual, you can do the zip behind your back

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