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Popcorn Family

From jugglingpatterns

Popcorn is a series of similar passing pattern that are called that way, because the objects "pop" up alternatingly on one passer then the other.

This happens either by a combination of triple-single selfs (lid off) or heff,heff (lid on). in any pattern either triple,single (5,3) or heff,heff (4,4) can be thrown. Throwing two heffs is probably easier for most people.

The patterns with heffs are closely related to the why not patterns. The occurance of two heffs in a row (88) allow substituting with triple-self,self (96).

Classic Popcorns

  • 6-count popcorn (double passes, half syncronous)
  • 5-count popcorn (async) 78686 7a666
  • 5-count popcorn (half-sync, double/single pass mix) A:3p,3,3,4,4; B:4,4,4p,3,3
  • 7-count popcorn (async) 7868686

Extended Popcorn Family

Focusing on the async patterns with two heffs for simplicity, the 5-count popcorn has the siteswap 78686.

We can now keep adding (or removing) "86" or "77" to the pattern and receive a number of patterns with similar properties.

  • Adding 86, we get the French/Popcorn 7-count
  • Adding two more passes (77), we get 7 club Vitoria 7778686
  • or we can mix up the sequence of Vitoria and get 7786786