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Selfless Passing

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The Selfless Passing series is a number of patterns, that focuses on passes and does not have selfs (but zips).

The pattern sequences show the throw sequence for a single passer.

P=Pass, Z=Zip.

Pattern Overview

Long Version with Explanation

In a period-5 pattern, you can replace a pass by a zip and end up with a pattern with one club less. You could say you replace one club by a zip in the pattern.

These are all patterns based on the 7-club one-count. Because of that, it is very important that you do nice and floaty passes, just as you would need in 7c one-count.

For obvious reasons the first two patterns aren't really juggled, but for completeness, I will list them:

  • 2 clubs - Z
- The "last" pattern of the series would be a 2-club pattern with only zips - so two people standing there and doing only zips
  • 3 clubs: PZZZZ
- In this pattern, you would have only one pass and then keep zipping 4 times until you get a pass back
- This is the first and simplest useful pattern. Because you have only 4 clubs, the rhythm can easily break if people start making pauses. Keep a constant rhythm of throws.
- The pattern also has an "ugly brother" with the sequence PPZZZ.
-This is probably the most useful pattern. It's simple enough to concentrate on your passes. Watch for straight passes from the left hand going inwards, this is a common problem.
- This is mainly good for having another pattern of similar difficulty before moving on to the next step with 6 clubs.
- The sequence is getting simpler, but the pattern becomes much more unforgiving if your throws aren't good.
- Not much effort remembering the sequence, but now there are no zips to help you cope if a throw isn't good.
- This is a very satisfying pattern with no lack of passes.


There are several patterns that qualify as having "no selfs", that are not part of the series that mixes in zips to get to patterns with less clubs.

- This is a very slow pattern with two holds on each pass and perfect for practicing to watch how your own passes arrive
- similar overall difficulty as parsnip, but encourages different bad habits. This makes it a good pattern to practice in turns with parsnip.
- This has the sequence pass-hold-pass - or you can substitute the hold for a flip. It is probably more difficult than the 7-club 1-count if you do the flips and maybe a bit easier or about the same if you only hold the club.