2 juggler half-synchronous siteswap

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This is a form of siteswap for two jugglers and describes a lot of "classical" patterns. 4-count, 3-count,… but also 7-club 2-count.

Typical Throws (with Clubs)

All throws with yourself just like 1-person siteswaps, all passes get a "p" appended:

Siteswap Name Abbr.
0 empty hand 0
1 zip Z
2 hold or flip F
3 self S
4 heff H
Siteswap Name Abbr.
2p Zap
3p single pass S
4p double pass DP
5p triple pass TP


Basically every pattern in which both of two jugglers do e.g. straight single passes is at least half-synchronous. For asynchronous patterns, one person throws straight, the other diagonal for the same type of throw.

Remark: this should at least give one example using a Siteswap-diagram (also called ladder diagram)

4-count can be written like this:

A: 3p  3  3  3  3p 3  3  3 
B: 3p  3  3  3  3p 3  3  3 

I will additionally mark the beat 3 beats after the pass,in which the passes arrive with a "*":

    R  L  R  L  R  L  R  L
A: 3p  3  3  3* 3p 3  3  3* 
B: 3p  3  3  3* 3p 3  3  3* 

Now we can again "swap sites" between the pass of A and its preceding self and we get:

    R  L  R  L  R  L  R  L
A: 3p  3  3  4p* 2  3  3  3*
B: 3p  3  3  3*  3p 3  3  3* 

the 4p arrives at the same time as the 3p would and the pattern of B continues as if nothing had changed.

We can change the same pattern further in the throws that stay with A, e.g.:

    R  L  R  L  R  L  R  L
A: 3p  3  3  4p* 4  1  3  3*
B: 3p  3  3  3*  3p 3  3  3* 

There is one obvious exception - A cannot do a throw that would arrive at the time when B's pass arrives.