6-club 1-count - 3p

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Patterns to do before this one

If you notice that passes of you or your partner get noticeably worse compared to easier patterns, go back to:

Preliminary Practice

Start by practicing one side of the pattern first. Three clubs on and two hands

  • left hand of A and right hand of B, then
  • right hand of A and left hand of B

6 club one-count

Siteswap: <3p,3p>

Sequence: A and B start at the same time and both throw straight passes

A 1|2:  P
B 1|2:  P 


Important: Make sure your passes are not too short, here your partner needs to throw a pass underneath each of your incoming passes. If your passes are short, your partner has to throw around them on the left or right side of the incoming pass. This forces your partner to not do a straight pass and can result in considerably worse passes that you receive.

Companion Pattern

parsnip - this is of similar difficulty. Good to practice both around the same time.

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