7-club 1-count

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This pattern concludes the "Selfless Passing" series, that only contains passes and zips and no other kinds of throws.

Patterns to do Before

7-club 1-count

Well, this is a "simple" pattern in so far, as it only has passes and nothing else.

Sequence: A starts and has straight passes, B has crossing passes.

A 1|2: P 
B 1|1:  P 


Everything said for Parsnip applies here as well.

Collisions seem to most often happen between the throws of jugglers coming from both left hands. This is probably the straight throws going too much inwards or also a timing issue.

If you notice that passes of you or your partner get noticeably worse, go back to PPPPZ, parsnip or even the 4 club inverted_parsnip or 5-club 1-count.

Next Patterns To Try

Hence there is no obvious "next" candidate, but everything depends on the amount of practice you had with other throws outside this series.

Throw height of passes needed here should mean you can do a 7 club 2-count in the n-count series of patterns.

Passes and Zaps

  • 77475 (6 clubs) - many passes and a hold/flip followed by a zap