720 - zip-pass

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The big advan1tage of this pattern is, that you only need 3 clubs for passing. Difficulty is about the same as 5-club-one count.

Animation and diagrams (click for animation)

The sequence is actually zip-pass-empty_hand.

One person does diagonal throws, the other does straight throws.

Begin: A has 2 clubs in the right hand and throws a pass to the empty hand of B (e.g. with a diagonal pass). When the club is on the way, B reacts with zip-pass (e.g. with a straight pass). Both then have in sequence the actions zip-pass,zip-pass,zip-pass, … (that one hand is empty is usually not noticed)

Alternate start: A has on club in each hand and starts with pass-zip-zip (and then continues into the normal pattern with pass-zip)

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