Assymetric n-count vs 1-count

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3-count vs 1-count


Objects: easy side: 1|1 hard side: 1|2

Passes always happen at the same time. Advanced side is a normal 3-count "<3p,3,3>", but with all passes thrown diagonally. Both start with the right hand. The beginner only throws straight passes and has to adjust to the speed of the juggler with 3-count so that passes are thrown at the same time.

Look out that throws still happen as described in throwing the first normal passes . Specially pay attention, that the beginner side just lets arm and club hang in a relaxed way while doing the pass on the other hand. Tell them to chill and relax a bit more when you see them tense up. Many people hold the club raised while it is inactive and have to lower it for the pass or throw from thre raised position, resulting in bad passes.

Stuff to do to make it more interesting:

  • Advanced side:
    • instead of <3p,3,3>, throw <3p,4,2>
  • Beginner side:
    • do a flip with the club that isn't passed at the same time as throwing the pass
  • switch diagonal and straight throws

2-count vs 1-count

Objects: easy side: 1|1 hard side: 1|2

Passes always happen at the same time.

The advanced side has a 2-count, but alternates their passes between left and right hand. The beginner side always throws to the left hand of the 2-count side.

Additional exercise:

  • switch diagonal and straight throws

Extra Patterns

You can move on to the 5 club 1-count after the previous steps, in which both sides have the same pattern.

The following patterns may be more difficult than that.

Jim's 2-count vs 1-count

Hard side throws a regular Jim's 2-count or an inverted parsnip


  • easy side: 1|1
  • hard side: 1|2

2-count does all throws diagonal.

The beginner throws right/straight, right/diagonal, left/straight, left/diagonal, … Passes of the 2-count are thrown diagonally and from right, right, left, left,…

7-club 2-count vs 1-count

This isn't really a beginner pattern anymore.

Objects: easy side: 1|1 hard side: 2|2

Same as 2-count: the 2-count side alternates which arm it throws to.

Only difference, passes aren't thrown at the same time, but returned as late as possible.