Baby dragon 756

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As a Trick

You can insert one baby-dragon throw as a trick into 5-club 1-count with zaps by throwing pass,self. Your partner then has to react with zap,zip. Main difficulty for the partner is to throw the next zap at the normal time, although none is incoming and not just stop and hold the club.

Baby Dragon - 756 - zap opus 2, holy hand granade

A: straight passes, crossing zaps B: crossing passes, straight zaps

as siteswaps:

A(1|2): 3.5     3    2.5
B(1|2):     2.5   3.5    3

as throws:

A(1|2): pass     self      zap
B(1|2):      zap      pass     self

Compatible/similar patterns

  • can be combined with zap-zap-zip (552) to 756255
  • can be combined with pass-pass-flip to 774675

as siteswap

A(1|2): 3.5     2    3.5
B(1|2):     3.5    3    2.5

as throws

A(1|2): pass       flip       pass
B(1|2):      pass        self      zap

Half-synchronous patterns with the same sequence:

When both have to throw zaps at the same time, diagonal zaps are easier, as both can throw to the outside without a collision.

  • Both sides sequence of baby dragon - the "half synchronous baby dragon":
A: 3p 3  2p
B: 2p 3p 3
  • B has zap zap self
A: 2p 3p 2  
B: 2p 3  2p 
  • B has pass pass zip
A: 3p 2  2p
B: 3p 3p 1