5-club 1-count with zaps

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Pre-requisite: zap zap zip


Siteswap: 5


The throw sequence is as simple as it gets: zap, zap, zap, zap, zap… but it will feel quite a bit faster than zap-zap-zip.

Remember to throw from a low hand position upwards. Aim around shoulder height, else throws become too fast.

If you stood very close in zap-zap-zip, you need to stand a bit further apart now to avoid collisions.

Common Problems

  • Collisions.
    • The person doing straight zaps cannot have them go inwards
    • Your throws may be too low
  • "it's too fast"
    • if you got zap-zap-zip to become slow and relaxed, it will be faster
    • don't do throws earlier than you need, that speeds up the pattern
    • keep doing throws from low down a bit upwards.

Additional Things to Do

You can insert one baby-dragon throw as a trick into 5-club 1-count with zaps by throwing pass,self. Your partner then has to react with zap,zip. Main difficulty for the partner is to throw the next zap at the normal time, although none is incoming and not just stop and hold the club.

Next Patterns

This pattern concludes the "selfless passing with zaps" minseries.

Next possible patterns will all mix zaps with other throws.

The nicest of those is - and the asynchronous version is a named pattern called "killer bunny"

Compatible Patterns

  • 7-club one-count --> 75