Beginning Selfs - Juggling 3 Clubs

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Throwing one Club

Caveat: It's really difficult to describe/explain the differences between the relaxed throw of a practiced juggler and that of a beginner or often of an intermediate juggler. Also, pointing out the obvious differences in stance very often turns out not so useful, because it cant be translated into something better - and focusing on the stance and style takes away attention from the actual throw. Additionally, there is more than one style of juggling and more than a single way that "feels right".

Still, a couple of remarks:

  • the motion of the throw happens mostly (over 80%) from the elbow.
  • throws made from the shoulder become imprecise, underspun and too high - try to keep your elbow to your side and dont move it in front of your body
  • specially take care that you don't rise your shoulders as a stress reaction, this only cramps you up
  • throws more/mostly from the wrist usually "work", but are not so good for the wrists.
  • very often, people don't pull the club down far enough. This shortens the way during which you carry the club. A short acceleration way makes for more imprecise throws

There is a tutorial video from Taylor on youtube that you might want to watch.

  • she advises more use of the wrist than I would
  • usually you would grip more in the middle of the handle than she advised here - that is also why the circus grip for starting is "so uncomfortable" for her - can't use circus grip when your hands arent on the handle but on the body of the club

Two Balls and One Club

Next good exercise is to only mix one club into 3 balls and try to keep the pattern running as long as possible. Mixing different props has its own difficulty, but you will have a much easier time avoiding collisions and you can concentrate mostly on that one throw and you will probably be able to keep juggling for much longer than if you had 3 clubs.

Try to choose your difficulty in a way that you get at least 20-30 catches of anything you practice. If it is less than that, you spend much more time picking up than you spend on actual practice.

Next you can try 2 clubs and one ball or all 3 clubs. It only makes sense to go to 2 clubs if you can run that pattern longer than with all 3 clubs.

Holding 2 Clubs in 1 Hand

There are two common ways to hold two clubs for starting: The "normal grip" and the "circus grip". This is probably best seen in the Youtube video linked above.

Fear of Hitting Your Face

Often people throw too far away from theirselves, it is because they fear to hit their face with the club. If this is so, check if your throws are too narrow. The Knob at the end of the handle should hit your shoulder if the club is thrown too much towards you, not your face. Only the body of the club should come near where your face is, but this happens much earlier in the throw and is hence much more under your direct control.