Early double

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Early double is a double pass thrown one beat earlier instead of an expected single pass. For your juggling partner nothing changes, if this is done correctly.

This works for any pattern in which one juggler has the sequence self,single-pass. The double pass takes one beat longer than the expected single pass. The club that would have been the pass does nothing (or you can do a flip).


  • 4-count
instead of
pass,     self,     self,     self,      pass,     self,     self,     self
you go
 pass,     self,     self,     doublepass,hold,     self,     self,     self

Or written as one letter per throw: instead of PSSSPSSS you do PSSDWSSS

  • 3-count: PSSPSS becomes PSDWSS
  • 2-count: PSPS becomes PDWS

Written as Siteswaps

4-count is a half-synchronous siteswap, that can be written like this:

A: 3p  3  3  3  3p 3  3  3
B: 3p  3  3  3  3p 3  3  3 

This becomes:

A: 3p  3  3  4p 2  3  3  3
B: 3p  3  3  3  3p 3  3  3