Half-synchronous Siteswap

From jugglingpatterns

I call something a ```Half-synchtonous Siteswap```, when in a 4-handed passing patterns two hands throw in sync with each other, and the other two hands throw in sync wich each other.

All patterns like 4-count are of this type.

e.g. both jugglers start at the same time with their right hand, then both of their left hands also do a throw at the same time. But each juggler alone does not do synchronous throws with both hands.

In these types of patterns it is not sufficient to just use a siteswap number to describe each throw, as more than one hand will catch on any beat. This is resolved by adding a "p" to passes. So a "3" is a normal self throw, that lands 3 beats later, a "3p" is a pass that lands in the partner's hand 3 beats later.

There are two ways used to sort these throws. Example here is the 2-count:

In one line: <3p|3, 3p|3>

In two lines, one for each juggler:

A 1|2:  3p  3  
B 1|2:  3p  3 

A and B are for juggler A and B respectively,

1|2 means that the juggler has 1 club in the left and 2 clubs in the right hand.

A and B start at the same time. Both throw straight passes in these patterns. Both could also throw diagonal passes, if one of them starts from the left hand, but that variant has a very likely collision in the middle.