5 club 4-count (async) - 744646464

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3 club cascade

5 club 4-count (async)

A starts with 3 clubs and throws diagonal passes, B starts with 2 clubs and throws straight passes.

B reacts on an incoming pass as late as comfortably possible with self, self, self, pass, then waits for the next pass.

A reacts the same way on the incoming pass from B.

Additional Things to Do

There is a 5 beats pause after each pass until you have to react to the next one. There is time for either "self zip self zip flip" or "flip self zip self zip". And a lot of time for just doing "self zip self zip" with one remaining "wait" to have more time to complete.

This is a very long pause for a filler and an odd number of beats to fill, so there is always a flip or a wait. Filling the gap will work better in 5 club 3-count (async) - 7446464