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Patterns to do before this one

  • 5-club 1-count - this pattern only works when the passes in the 5 club one-count are nice and high singles

Coconut Laden Swallow

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Animation and diagrams

You can switch into this pattern in a 5-club 1-count by adding the "self, zip" after any pass. And switch back out into the one-count, when the pattern starts to become unstable.

Hence, I find the most logical start the start that resembles that of the 5-club one-count.

The throws in


brackets only happen at the start.


A 1|2: [P]    S   Z   P  
B 1|1:    [W]    P   S   Z





A begins with a pass and B waits one beat and a half and then reacts with a pass just like in 5-club one-count.

After that, both are in their sequence: pass, self, zip.

Note that the zip in self-zips can be done earlier than normal throws without speeding up the pattern. Just make sure to wait if there is extra time (most often there is no extra time when beginning to learn the pattern, though)

Another start with less waiting for B is:


A 1|2: P   S   Z
B 0|2:   Z   P   S

Here A starts with one club in the left hand and two in the right, just like before, but B starts with two clubs in the right hand and begins by zipping one of the clubs to the left hand.

Additional Things To Do

If this becomes easy, you can try doing the single zip behind your back.

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