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Heffs in Solo Patterns - 4 club exercises

Recommended solo-patterns before you start:

Single-Passes and Heffs

Tricks, typically done in 4-count, 3-count, etc.

First patterns with a heff - 5 club why nots

The Why not Family - 6-7 clubs

7 club why nots:

Double Selfs in Solo Patterns // Learning the 5 Ball or Club Cascade

The "normal" 5 club cascade is juggled with double selfs. Usually long before that you learn to juggle 5 balls.

The patterns for practicing double selfs and for preparing you for each 5-object pattern are mostly the same.

Triple Selfs in Solo Patterns

Doubles vs Passes


There is often no clear difficulty comparison between two patterns, because there is more than one type of difficulty in juggling. One can imagine them as difficulty dimensions - like axes on a coordinate system. A pattern can be easier than another one on one axis, but more difficult on another.

Types of difficulties include:

  • height of throws
    • number of high throws
    • difference in height between highest and lowest throw
  • length and/or complexity of sequence

Things that push your level back towards beginner:

  • different object to juggle (ball vs club vs ring)
  • different type of throws (crossed arms/mills mess, body throws in pattern)

1 Juggler

learning the 3 ball cascade

first steps after 3 ball cascade

goal 4 ball fountain

goal 5 ball cascade

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