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Zaps and Selfs

This is a good start into patterns with zaps and selfs, because the zip-self can just be substituted with doing nothing:

The next patterns already mix high selfs and low zaps:

Selfs and Double Passes

Heffs in Solo Patterns - 4 club exercises

Recommended solo-patterns before you start:

Single-Passes and Heffs

Tricks, typically done in 4-count, 3-count, etc.

First patterns with a heff - 5 club why nots

The Why not Family - 6-7 clubs

7 club why nots:

Double Selfs in Solo Patterns // Learning the 5 Ball or Club Cascade

The "normal" 5 club cascade is juggled with double selfs. Usually long before that you learn to juggle 5 balls.

The patterns for practicing double selfs and for preparing you for each 5-object pattern are mostly the same.

Triple Selfs in Solo Patterns

Doubles vs Passes

Here Be Dragons - The Quest for the Holy Grail

A dragon is a double pass followed by a zap. They both arrive at the same hand, the zap first.