Zap zap flip

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Pre-requisite: Throwing first Zaps


Remember to stand relatively close together.

Zap Zap Flip

A flip is a small throw to the same hand either doing a half or a full turn of the club. Here, it means a full turn.

Half-Synchronous Siteswap: (2p,2p) (2p,2p) (2,2)

The pattern has 4 clubs. Both jugglers start with one club in each hand.

Both jugglers throw diagonal zaps at the same time. First throw, both throw from their right hand, 2nd throw, both throw from the left hand, third throw, both have a flip on their right hand.

The sequence is zap,zap,flip - and that keeps repeating, so zap,zap,flip,zap,zap,flip,zap,zap,flip… The first run of the sequence starts from the right hand, the 2nd then begins with the left hand.

A does straight zaps and B does diagonal zaps (Actually it doesn't matter who does straight and who does diagonal as long as the person with 3 clubs starts and starts with a throw to the full hand of the other person)

Written as throw(hand) he full sequence until the same motion repeats is :

A 1|2: zap(r)            zap(l)             flip(r)               | zap(l)            zap(r)             flip(l)             
B 1|0: zap(r)            zap(l)             flip(r)               | zap(l)            zap(r)             flip(l) 

At the "|" the throw sequence repeats, but starting from the other hand.

Additional Things To Do

  • Thumbroll instead of flip
  • Catch zap deliberately the wrong way around and do a half-flip

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