Selfs and Passes

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This wiki tries to first introduce passes "alone" (at most in combination with zips) and at the point where you can juggle three clubs alone and throw good passes, only then we start combining the throw types.

5 club entry patterns

probably less easy 5 club patterns (untried)

  • 7772264
  • 7727246
  • 7772264

6 club half-synchronous patterns

These are the patterns that for a long time were the "only patterns". Even longer ago, only 4-count ("every other") and 2-count ("every one") were the only patterns widely known. That passes could also be thrown from the left hand was already a later development.

These patterns tolerate very low passes and people starting out with these patterns are often used to throwing low passes, wich make the 1-count in the series very difficult.

Jim's n-counts

All the n-counts from the last section can be thrown as the "Jim's version" of these patterns.

In this version, one passer throws all diagonal passes, while the other throws all straight passes. This can be done in two different ways:

  • you can try to sync your throws to the partner, creating a "hurry" whenever your throw arrives at the wrong hand
  • The pass that goes "to the wrong hand" (and henceforth all passes) can be thrown half a beat later, creating the analogous asynchronous pattern, which is much smoother and a bit easier.

I will generally describe the asynchronous pattern with a regular beat. In this pattern no hurry occurs, instead, there is a pause on the other hand, in which a flip can be made.