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5-club 1-count

  • the animation does has "active 4" - two clubs are flipped between passes. You can/should just hold them in that time and do nothing

Juggler Objects (L|R): Throw Sequence

A 1|2: pass, wait, wait
B 1|1:    pass, wait, wait

This is the equivalent of juggling 3 clubs with 2 hands.

One passer does straight passes, the other does diagonal passes. Passes are thrown as late as possible.

Additional Things To Do

during the two pauses, in which you just hold the clubs, you can do:

  • self,zip (self from the other hand than the last pass) - if this is done continuously from both jugglers, this turns into the pattern coconut laden swallow - 726
  • flip,flip (first flip from the other hand than your last pass)

Also possible is a role change. For example: If you do the straight-passes role, continue by doing "self, crossing-pass". Then your partner will get the pass to the same hand as expected, but after a longer pause and he will then know to change hist crossing passes to straight passes.

Next patterns

  • 720 - zip-pass - similar difficulty. Only needs 3 clubs. This is also a compatible pattern to this one and what you would do when you drop one club on your side to keep the pattern running.
  • 744 with flips - our "one count" here actually contains two holds or wait times. Doing them as active flips requires nice high passes and is more difficult than coconut laden swallow - 726

Compatible patterns

- 3 club patterns (mixed form has 4 clubs)

- 5 club patterns

  • coconut laden swallow - 726 fill in "self zip" into the long holding times
  • 744 with "active 4": fill in "flip, flip" into the long holding times
  • 645 "late zap" - react to the incoming pass with "self,zap" instead of a pass. The zap has a different direction (diagonal/straight) than your passes had.

- 7 club patterns (mixed form has 6 clubs)

take an additional club and do

(probably not a good idea)