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The goal of this wiki is to provide a collection of juggling patterns, organized into "learning paths" that contain patterns of increasing difficulty.

The wiki tries to answer the question:

"What should I try learning next?"

and also:

"I want to learn this (for me right now difficult) pattern, how do I get there"

There are many other juggling resources, but most of them do either provide no difficulty rating - or neglegt that there is more than one type of difficulty that a juggling pattern can have. Here, I tried to group patterns with common traits and also a common set of difficulty-types.

Entry points are provided for each type of throw, as each kind of throw needs a different throwing technique.

These entry points are labeled as "Beginning with [...]" and primarily focus on building proficiency with a single throw type before progressing to more complex patterns that incorporate multiple throw types.

Entry Patterns

These patterns are suitable for beginners. It helps a lot if one juggler is more experienced. All patterns only use one throw type (on the beginner side). Note that being suitable for beginners does not in all cases mean that these patterns are easy if you already have experience passing clubs.

Single-Passes // Zaps


Double Passes

Heffs (Double Selfs)

Holy Grail

Other Juggling Resources

Other Juggling Resources


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